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Humidity Control

    The most important factor to ensure tuning stability and to make sure that your piano is protected for the long haul, is to do something to stabilize the humidty in and around your piano.

    The ideal humidity setting for a piano is 42%. This can be best acheived by having a humidity control system, which is specially designed for pianos, installed on your piano.

    The humidity control system is called the Piano Life Saver, and I am a certified field expert in the installation of these units for both grand and vertical pianos. Please call me if you are interested, and i will be happy to further discuss the benefits of having a humidity control system installed on your piano.

    For more information on this system, please click here.

    In addition to a humidity control system, you can take additional steps to control humidity in and around your piano.

  • Do not place piano near a heat source

  • Buy a Hygrometer - This small and inexpensive device tells you the relative humidity level. If you place it on your piano, you will know what humidity level your piano is being exposed to.

  • Try to position your piano on an inside wall if possible.

  • Control room humidity levels (40-50% is ideal)

  • Have a humidity control system installed in your piano. As mentioned above, this is the best way to protect your piano so that you can enjoy your instrument for many years to come.

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