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Piano Tuning

    One of the most important aspects of any professional service person is the amount of skill and knowledge that they have accumulated through years of experience.

    After 26 years in the Piano Tuning and Repair field, I have built a vast amount of skill and knowledge, which is what you can expect to receive when I arrive at your home to service your piano.

    My tuning skills have been perfected as a result of tuning well over 20,000 pianos, both in private homes and in institutions such as schools, churches, colleges and concert venues.

    I have tuned at 5 major NJ Universites, and I am currently one of two Piano Technicians at Rutgers University, having held that position for over 20 years.

    I perform the same quality work on every piano, whether you own a Steinway Grand Piano, a console, or a spinet style. I tune the entire length of the keyboard, adjust the pedals, and keep an eye out for any other issues such as sticky or clicking notes.


I also come prepared for additional repairs that may be needed, such as replacing strings, action lubrication, or replacing worn or broken parts.

    I receive a large portion of new customers through recommendations from existing customers who were happy with my work, and through positive reviews at places such as Facebook,  Angies List, and Yelp.

    I hope to have a chance to service your piano, so that i may add you to my list of happy customers.

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