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Piano Inspections

  If you are looking to purchase a piano, especially a used piano, my best advice would be to have an inspection performed by a piano technician before you make the purchase. Even if the piano is being given to you for free, I would advise that you have an inspection done. You certainly don't want pay a piano mover to move it to your house, only to find out that the piano either cannot be tuned, or that it will cost more that the piano is worth to do the necessary repairs so that the piano will function properly. 

    I routinely perform piano inspections for customers who have found a piano that they are interested in acquiring.  Many of the pianos I have inspected are in good or least fairly good condition, but I have inspected a number of pianos where I had to tell the customer not to take the piano, since the amount of work it would take to make the piano usable would not be worth the effort.

   In my estimation, it always pays to have an inspection performed so that you will know for sure if you are getting a piano that is going to be able to be tuned and that the keys and entire action will function properly.

    Please give me a call if you have found a piano that you are interested in aquiring, and i will be happy to do a full inspection and give you a complete report on the condition of the instrument. I will also be able to tell you how much and what type of work the piano may need, if any.

    I can also recommend an excellent piano mover if you should decide to acquire the instrument.



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